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Drug Trafficking Can Lead you to Life Imprisonment in the UAE

Since a decade, drugs are being used extensively all over the world. Thus, arose the need to impose strict drug laws in the countries where usage, selling, and possession of drugs is prohibited, for instance, the UAE. The punishment and penalties of drug-related crimes in UAE are very strict and lengthy. Drug cases lawyers give a few reasons why one should not involve with drugs in the UAE.

Life Imprisonment

Years of imprisonment for dealing in drugs has expanded in length. Numerous people are detained for not obeying the laws of drugs. UAE passed a law in 1996 that any person found with drugs or practicing drug trafficking will be sentenced to life imprisonment or the death penalty.

25 years Imprisonment

The regulations for drugs are extremely inflexible in the UAE. People going around the country even with a small quantity of drugs, as low as 0.05grams can have a case filed against them. Since 2006, many people have been sentenced to 25 years of jail for selling drugs or other narcotic substances in the UAE. Drug case lawyers in Dubai gives detail on the type of punishment for the type of drug offense.

An accusation of Drug Trafficking

The federal supreme court of UAE passed the judgment for drug-related issues. It explains that any individual accused of possession or selling of drugs will be called as a drug trafficker, even if drugs are not used by the person. Moreover, drug traffickers now receive heavy penalties.

Defending the trafficker

The court affirmed that even the sale of drugs or any evidence which proves that the offender was about to sell the drugs is enough to detain the wrongdoer. As a result, how-so-ever the offender tries to prove his innocence, it would be considered irrelevant and will be disregarded by the attorneys and court. Drug cases lawyer, hence, tries their best to inform every detail on it.

Medical Uses

In case a traveler arrives in the country with medicines which has drugs or narcotics element in it, he will be disallowed to enter. The individual may also be prosecuted. If the medicines are necessary, it is advisable to have a proper prescription of the medicines by a doctor. To conclude, if you are traveling to any emirate of the UAE, do check all the rules and regulations. The rules and laws on drugs and narcotics differ from country to country and can lead to severe punishments. For instance, years of imprisonment and hefty fines.

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