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Best time to file a cheque bounce case in the UAE

Lawyers in the UAE often receive questions about the best and optimal time to register a case against something like cheque bounce, or personal injury. People are also not very much aware of the limited time they have for filing certain types of cases. However, according to the UAE Civil Procedure Law, the claims have a time limit and the claimant must file a case before the time ends.

What happens if the time limit expires?

The claimant should file the case within the specified time limit emplaced by the UAE’s court. However, if the claimant for any reason was unable to file the case in that specified time period, he can still appeal to file the complaint against the offender. However, the defendant has the right to object to the claim. To prevent this, both parties should find a professional lawyer in Dubai before the court visit.

What does the Court of Cassation say?

The courts of UAE have passed their judgment on this. According to the laws and regulations, a bounced cheque case in the criminal court should be filed within the specified period of the issuance of the cheque. This has been approved by the Cassation’s court of Dubai in several cases.

The deadline for Civil and Criminal Courts?

The claimants must know that the time limit for the UAE’s civil court and the time limit for the UAE’s criminal courts differ, even if the case is the same. For instance, the time limit for cheque bounce cases in civil court is lesser than that of criminal courts. This can be found and confirmed in the Federal Laws of the commercial transaction of the UAE. Nevertheless, there is another crucial thing to acknowledge. The deadline for the criminal case starts from the day the cheque is handed over to the receiver. In contrast, for the civil case, the time limit starts from the date the cheque was due. To get the latest update, please consult a legal consultant of the UAE because the laws keep on changing for different cases.

What if you failed to file the case within the said period?

Although the rules regarding the time limit of filing a case are strict in the UAE, there are still a few exceptions to the rules passed by the courts of the UAE. It is advisable to hire a professional and experienced lawyer to discuss the queries as the exceptions differ from case to case. The defendant can also pursue a lawyer to protect the very interests of him.

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